You all knew it would happen someday. This is the moment your lives are changed forever by the music you are about to witness. Nothing will ever be the same again for you.   
These recordings date from 1993 and were taped directly from my guitar amp, which was butchered old sony music centre, the guitar was a sattelite Les Paul. You cant hear it but there is a small audience of 3 of my friends and its a saturday night and we are all out of our heads.  at one point someone flipped the tape during my shite Bela Lugozi rendition. Just as well, as that moment in crap musical history could have been lost forever otherwise.   
Anyway, here it is in its entirety. each part is under 10 minutes and is around 25MB. I will try to list every recogniseable song I play, but some pieces are just my own inventions and I only have a name for one of them so I will invoke the asterisk so you know when they occur. 
Part One
Part Two
whole lotta love/ rock n roll aint noise pollution/ when the levee breaks/ terror couple/ up+down*/ picking*/ bela lugozi's dead
Dazed and confused/ slade/ oc*/ blues*/ peter gunn/ seaside/ in my time
Part Three
Part Four
Bela (cont)/ pigs on the wing/ 2112/ seagulls*/ interstellar overdrive
oc*/ oc*/ china girl/ pigs on the wing2/ blues*/ 
Single Tracks
Bela Lugozi's dead
all recordings copyright 2006 Turnpike Music