Montauk Air Force Station  'Camp Hero' Montauk Point, Long Island.
Camp hero sits on the far south fork of long Island. Although disused since the 1980's it is home to the last remaining example of an AN/FPS-35 SAGE type radar and associated buildings.
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Above is Battery 113' a WW2 bunker and gun fortress.
LtoR Water tank, Ops Building, Radar tower, cottage
The Transmitter Building
An extraordinary amount of bullshit has been written about this site some of which can be read  on Wikipedia:
Camp Hero
and especially The Montauk Project
See also here for additional pics of the sealed off operations building on the  'Long Island Oddities' website.
One of 'Bunker 5's doors.
The Concrete Cottage to the right of the Radar building 
Montauk Point Lightouse. built in 1797