Morons Inc.
From my all time top ten list of types of stupid people. I have many pet hates, but these are just a few that bug the living shit out of me. I find it mindbending the percentage of pure idiots who walk among us. I have a very low tolerance for stupidity but an even lower one for the kind of dipshits who still try to insist they are right after they have been proved wrong. As the saying goes: Dont piss down my back and tell me its raining.  
Number One. The Traffic Light Twat.

You've all seen these idiots and wondered what the fuck they are doing. and if you are one of the people who does this, get the fuck off my site right now. I want nothing to do with you. To be brief, these spuggys beleive that flashing your headlights at traffic lights make them change quicker. Yes I know. I've been known to throw people out of my car for suggesting I try it. I dont have a short fuse, but this one just gets my goat, and I dont even own a goat. If I did own one I'd train it to kill folk who dont understand the basic concept of RADAR. I dont know about elsewhere but here in the UK that is what triggers the lights. Large chunks of metal moving towards them. The laws of physics wont be bent just because some arsehole thinks shining a light has any effect. This stupidity has been passed on from idiot to idiot via the gift of "Oh look, it worked, the lights changed!" Fuck right off you bloody spasmos.  
Type Two. Nuclear Numpty:

words cant describe how much this annoys me. The word is NUCLEAR but a large amount of idiots pronounce it 'noo-cue-lar' which is FUCKING WRONG. This is perpetuated by people who should know better, i.e. politicians and newsreaders etc. I dont know where this stupid pronounciation comes from, bad teachers? stupid parents? fuck knows, but I lose all repect for anyone who says it wrong. its  'Noo-klee-ar' you fucking dimwits. Its actually easier to say than the wrong way. Mindbending. I've even seen James Bond pronounce it wrong FFS. more than once, I think only Connery ever said it correctly. 
Number Three: Roundabout Fuckwits:

Perhaps the most annoying of all. These people who think those flashing lights on the side of their car are optional. They go round roundabouts expecting everyone else to just guess which exit they are going for. Fucking arrogant bastards. and half the time these fucking retards have a bloody phone held to their ear. These asses are the reason you always see wee piles of glass at roundabouts due to past accidents caused by these fucking dicks. If you must drive, at least make the effort to do it properly. Morons. I call the piles of glass 'Clown Glass' and I believe it should all be gathered up and made into a giant statue of a BMW with a massive penis driving it and all you people who dont indicate at roundabouts would be forced by the government to que for hours to look at it.. it would be compulsory. That would put a stop to your nonchalant shennanigans, you filthy animals. INDICATE ! dammit. It's not much to ask.
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