LET'S  R.O.C. !
The Royal Observer Corps. There are over 1500 ROC bunkers throughout the UK. their purpose was to provide shelter for the personnel and protection from a Nuclear blast.one of their tasks in the event of the holocaust was to measure and triangulate any explosions and then to pass this information on. also to warn the public by siren in such an event.
in most cases these sites werent on any maps or were falsely designated as other things.
The post seen here is my favourite local ROC bunker. Feughside. click to enlarge the picture above and below you will find links to pictures of other posts in my area, plus a lot more of Feughside 
some sites were de-commissioned in 1968,the rest in 1991, most of the fixtures of the earlier shut-down posts were removed. the later ones unless broken into, remain sealed as time capsules of the end of the cold war.
Stonehaven ROC post
Aberdeen ROC Post cluster map
Tarland ROC post
Braemar ROC post
pictures of Feughside
bunker (exterior only)
Click Here.
NEW 2003, Feughside ROC interior pics..
New Deer; NJ886463
Udny Station New pics
(below) an exploded plan of a typical post
Kintore; clsd 91, b 58 Methlick (91)
Cruden Bay;NK086356
clsd '91, b.59
Project ROTOR
clsd'68, b.60
b.59 clsd 91.
above is a list of ROC bunkers local to me, with (in some cases) OS gridpoints, with active links to separate pages about each bunker. These places arent to be taken lightly and care should be taken if visiting them. they are very old, and in most cases isolated places. if anything happened to you, it might be some time before you were found. So, never visit alone, take utmost care, and remember,
Take only photographs, leave only footprints.
And a short note to the stupid. These places were designed to withstand nuclear blasts and radioactive zombies.
They arent going to be phased by any of your pocket vandal's helpers, or even most things you can hire from HSS. However, most of them can be opened with a universal 'T' bar key. A simple but clever design. Easy to recreate. On this page I used to have a link to a scan of a technical drawing of it but I took it off due to worries about who might get a hold of it. If you want me to send you a copy e-mail me and I'll be happy to send it to you. I want others to be able to visit the ROC posts. I just want to keep out the vandals and looters.
**NB** The key design is for Scottish post hatches. The english key design is different and I dont have it !!