Cruden Bay ROC post
Cruden Bay. south of New Slains Castle. the post has been totally broken into. anything and everything completely smashed to smitereens. the hatch has been completely broken off and lies nearby.even the exterior ventilation shafts and fixtures have been wrecked beyond recognition. very sad. I went down into it. the ladder is about the only thing not vandalised. a flagpole is near to the bunker. probably put up by the observers who were stationed here. Slains Castle can be seen in the background.

The ROC post on the left,
with perimiter fence. Slains castle, and a flagpole, which may look a bit like a telegraph  pole, but isnt one!
left; Slains Castle. the inspiration for Bram Stokers 'Dracula' which he wrote whilst living in nearby Whinnyfold. although now a ruin it wasnt in his time, it was still inhabited as late as the early '20's.
Cruden Bay Harbour.