The Temple of Shite-an-ra.
Welcome, good friends, to the resting place of all things stupid, pointless and downright pish, as far as my pages are concerned. If it was on my main page before and isnt anymore, chances are it's here. For 2 reasons: 1: I'm running out of room on the main page to put links, and 2: I have a sudden urge to take myself seriously. Hee Haw.
Ghengis Retardo 2006
The Loudon Wood Project
Guitar Playing Revolutionised
TY50: Genesis of a Motorcycling Legend
Edinburgh 2000 (silly)
Numptys. Three different ones.
To A Haggis
A Horse's Ass, Yesterday.
Old Newsreels
Here Be Monsters
Lonach 2000 (Dreich)
Balquhain Circle
Van Morrison at Crathes
The Durris mast and Braemar gathering '99
it's all gone a bit Pete Tong
Ok, Mr Spock, put down the hammer and step away from the bell
Dave Brubeck's Christmas Message 2009
Christmas page 2009