Behold.. The YAMAHA TY 50
"Power bands out of this world !"
The fastest moped on land, beating even the D.Wood tuned FS1E. The one I owned was actually posessed by the Devil. I dont know where it is today, but I like to think that satan himself rides it to work every day.
If you have the means I highly suggest picking one up, they are so choice. read my anecdotal tutorial on how to tune the bollox out of these monsters. note. an unrestricted exhaust sytem is a must
TY 50 Episode 3
TY 50 episode 1 TY 50 Episode 2
Things your TY 50 will be able to do include: Flying over cars, breaking any UK or US speed limit, and lighting cigarettes. (see ep 3 )

Things it cant do include; Time travel, invisibility, 100mph.

There was a vague joke here about the crazy frog and about laughing at it being in contravention of the new idiot control legislation. but since being paid a visit by the newly formed 'Idiot Police' I have been persuaded to remove aforementioned joke altogether. I apologise for any offence I may have retrospectively caused. I realise now the frog isnt remotely funny. Hail Zod.