Merry Christmas one and all ..
"Spock here, again. My friends at have once again asked me to convey my pantsoiling over-excitement and excessive levels of glee at the prospect of the upcoming seasonal activities. I just thought about the visitation of the gift giving entity known as Santa and I was so overcome with anticipatory joy that a little bit of wee came out.

My good friend Dave Brubeck also has some Christmas wishes for you but you know how much he likes his coffee, he likes it so much he spends most of his time in his basement advocating coffee use on the internet. I should point out that Dave lives in America and not Iran so he can actually say whatever the fuck he wants about Coffee. Or so he tells me.

Here on Vulcan we frown upon anything that makes people happy, but since I'm half human, fuck it, whatever blows your skirt up. Merry Christmas ye bunch o jobbies !!   
Choose your Christmas above for Spock's Christmas message of logic, or below for Dave Brubeck's cawfee crazed droolings. 
Angus 2008